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The design philosophy at Place Designs is a combination of your needs and desires and the contribution of our dynamic design team.  Clean, simple, elegant building lines dominate our design thoughts for exteriors and efficient and functional flow is our focus for internal layouts.  We aim to employ modern building techniques and innovative building products to present a design that is functional.

As the designer principal, Glen commenced in the building industry as an apprentice carpenter in 1964 and commenced Building Designing in 1971. He has lectured in Built Environment in Brisbane and Mackay since 1973. Glen obtained building registration in 1977 and his building design licence in 1994. This enables Glen to ensure that you are provided with documentation of "Best Practice", easily interpreted by you and your builder, thus saving you time and money.

Glen is an experienced building designer and you too can enjoy the benefits of a well designed, energy efficient and aesthetically pleasing building to suit the environment and your needs. As a Mackay based building design service with over 35 years design experience, having both a qualified building designer (Building Designers Association Queensland Life Member) and Master Builder, the designs provided are practical, functional and designed to incorporate modern construction techniques.  As an ECO design professional, the design can also be proposed using the principles of sustainably responsible, and energy efficient building design.

Son, Kieron, a senior designer, supports Glen in the family business. Kieron commenced in the building design business in 1990 and has a Diploma of Architectural Technology.

All building designers believe in building form and function. However, Glen differs from some designers in that he believes that function must take precedence over form. At the end of the day the building must be practical and serviceable to suit the occupancy or public requirements. Every design should be aesthetically pleasing, energy efficient, environmentally pleasing and user friendly.

Building design must first and foremost be functional in meeting your needs, but the way the building is designed will greatly affect how you feel when you look at – and live in – your home.  For example, utilising the prevailing breeze and designing to the solar conditions can reduce the need to rely on expensive air-conditioning in your home, providing a more natural environment and providing ongoing savings.

A successful design process is centered on communication and trust. We work with you, using your requirements and ideas, to establish design concepts.

No project documentation is signed off until Glen is satisfied that your builder will not require "lateral thinking" to complete the construction. However, if your builder has any queries during the tender or construction stages, Glen will provide his services to assist in providing the most appropriate and satisfying solution.

Our experience in the Mackay (and North Queensland) region enables us to create cost effective and efficient design solutions from your brief while including your ideas or input into developing practical floor plans and solutions to compliment the chosen site or location.

Place Designs has embraced modern design principles, and uses the latest technology in designing solutions for today's building and renovation projects.  This enables the documentation of projects to be constantly maintained to reflect design changes, thereby providing you with immediate feedback on critical design changes or potentially problematic floor plan options.

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What makes us different



  • Diploma of Building
  • Diploma of Architectural Technology
  • BDAA Eco-design smart building designer
  • Queensland Government appointed Expert for Peer Review for Energy Evaluations of the Building Coad of Australia (BCA)
  • HIA GreenSmart Professional


  • QBSA Building Designer Licence: Building Design - Open
  • QBSA Builder Licence: Builder - Open
  • CTQ National Registered Assessor

Member of:

  • Building Designers Association Queensland (BDAQ Life Member) - Chartered Member
  • Master Builders Association (MBA)
  • Housing Industry Association (HIA)
  • The Australian Institute of Builders (AIB)
  • Construction Skills Queensland - Assessor (CSQ)
  • Timber Queensland

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