Place Designs is a comprehensive building design service. We can provide a wide range of services, which vary from complete house designs to major renovations or even a new deck or pergola.

While our business is focused towards the residential market, we also provide comprehensive services to commercial and industrial development and business renovations.

We are happy to assist with:

  • House Plans, Renovations & Extensions
  • House Plans for Special Needs
  • Villa Units & Community Title Developments
  • Commercial & Industrial Projects
  • Motor Inns
  • Retirement Villages
  • Hospital Staff Accommodation

Our designers have over 35 years experience designing to the conditions presented by the Mackay Region and North Queensland generally. Place Designs strives to design new residences that are individual, innovative, environmentally responsible and use the appropriate construction method. Our services also extend to restorations, major renovations, carport/ garage additions, internal modifications/minor renovations. Each Place Designs house is tailored to suit your specific needs. Over the last 35 years, designs have included homes for country blocks, small city lots, renovations, commercial, industial and multi-residential.

As part of the design process, we arrange an initial meeting to gain an understanding of your needs and wants, often requiring a preliminary site visit, before putting together a design based on your brief.

It is of vital importance that the design and construction of your project suits the building location, including:

  • Using cost effective construction methods that suit the contour and drainage of the land
  • Accessing prevailing breezes and establishing effective air movement pathways
  • Using renewable building products for ecological sustainability
  • Maximising views from living areas
  • Minimising the effects of the western sun
  • Aesthetics to suit the environment for example beach house, Queenslander, Contemporary, Colonial, and other themes

Our designers provide computer drawn plans that are well documented and easy for both you and your builder to read and understand. We are aware of town planning requirements in the Mackay Region, which gives us the benefit of minimising the risk of issues arising at the development application stage.

Place Design services include:

  • Site Inspections
  • Environmentally Friendly & Energy Efficient Designs
  • GreenSmart Projects
  • Town Planning
  • Liaise with Local Authorities
  • Liaise with Consultants
  • Liaise with Certifiers
  • Call Tenders
  • Contract Administration
  • Best Practice
  • CAD Drafting

Please contact us to arrange for your free initial consultation.

What makes us different

We work for you

Glen Place T/A Place Designs has been providing a complete building design service in the Mackay Region since 1975. If you are into quality and value for money Place Designs would be the Building Designer for you.

We can provide a comprehensive service from concept to construction & look forward to assisting you with your project.

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